Be creative.
Be different

I admire successful people such as Steve Jobs, Risto Mejide, Pep Guardiola o Dabiz Muñoz (DiverXO), among others. These last two suffer when they work with footballers or chefs, respectively, who destroy the profession. The same happens to me with design.

Across my career I've been identifying frustrations that appears too much: passionless projects, "do everything fast and simple", "as cheap as possible" and a long etcetera philosophies. So, tired of being misaligned with my values and wandering around companies trying to find my demands in them with no success, I decided to change my life to find out there the really excellence.

I'd love to help top agencies where we can play the game like truly bosses and achieve amazing goals together, as well to keep learning and growing both as a designer and a human. If not, I'm not your crush.

The 10 commandments

You will love design above everything


You won't take the adjective creative in vain


You will sanctify the Awwwards


You will honor your designer


You won't pay bills over 30 days


You won't use the word simple


You won't steal other people's desings


You won't give false testimony or lie (on social networks)


You won't consent to use templates


You won't gloat over my work in your competitor