I love crafting beautiful, smart and inspired work that is focused on your business goals and your clients. I do this across multiple touch points to help organizations achieve their goals.

Furthermore, I achieve digital recognitions that give your business international exposition.

I design solutions for intended users. I put the needs of the user at the center of everything I create as well the aesthetics, which is the most powerful way to start and finish successful digital projects.

Discover needs Define Goals Execute Beautifully

The result?

Effective, beautiful and beloved projects.

The workflow

Discovery phase1

  • Business goals: Your side of the story. My job is to craft experiences that align your business goals with your clients needs. This is where I dig into your objectives for understanding your brand and beyond.
  • Client profile: Let’s get to know your ideal clients to craft specifically for them.
  • UX & Journey: This is where I develop an extensive list of features I would love to see integrated into the user experience, such as color psychology, typography, layouts, interactions, among others.

Creative Direction2

My job is to build projects that thrive in the intersection of achieving your business goals, exceeding your user’s needs, and boasting award-winning aesthetics. This is what we will craft together. By starting with discovery, moving into stylescapes and finally transitioning into developing and designing comps, the entire process will be collaborative, inspiring, and–most importantly–effective.

  • Inspirational moodboard: I start by establishing a creative direction in order to build an inspirational moodboard. For this, I do a benchmark about your business topic as well your competition to confirm visual trends, resources and best UX practices.
  • Visual concept: I use to do a couple of explorations playing with different layouts, weights, etc. accordingly the moodboard crafted before. This essential step will help us set the broad direction for the visual identity.

UI Design & Visual Language3

Where magic happens. Where visual design meets and marries user experience. I will translate the wireframes into full website mockups, integrating the template designs into a clickable prototype.

Visual development4

I basically use Webflow as the basis for all of the projects you might need develop help with. With this technology we reduce development cycles and allow myself to create (even more) memorable web experiences in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methodologies.